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4 Things To Know Before Throwing A Pole Dancing Party
August 24, 2020 at 4:00 AM

When you live in the Atlanta Metro area, there are plenty of awesome bachelorette party ideas you can pursue. Pole dancing parties are a fun and energetic option for bachelorettes looking to have a blast with the girls before they tie the knot. For a night filled with fun and memories you won’t forget, follow the tips below!

Leave your inhibitions at the door.

Pole dancing has no room for apprehension or timidness. While wedding nerves creep up on all of us, pole dancing should inspire you to let loose and express yourself in an open way. Let your body guide your movements and your mind go free. Cheer on your fellow dancers to create an environment where all expressions are welcome. Allow yourself to be inspired by those around you and be comfortable with drawing off of their unique moves. Be true to yourself and trust your body to move for you! Pretty soon you’ll enter the ecstasy of pole dancing!

Be open to learning new moves.

Every pole party comes with an instructor who will help everyone have the best time possible. The instructor will also help guide you in the right direction and teach you how to have an unforgettable pole party experience. If you’re open to learning new moves and want to challenge yourself, everyone’s good time will substantially increase. Part of the fun of throwing a pole party is leaving with a new bag of tricks and the confidence of having explored some unfamiliar territory.

Don’t be afraid to add some spice!

Pole dancing is about expression. When you are dancing freely and expressively, the others around you will feed off of your energy. Adding your own unique flair will give your moves more substance and help create a welcoming vibe where judgments are left behind. Encourage everyone in your party to try something daring and push the limits, while rooting for each other throughout the night! When you leave, you’ll have memories you can share forever.

Alleviate yourself from stress.

Dancing is all about letting go and shutting out the stressful world around you. Especially for bachelorettes, all of the wedding planning can start to wear on you and make it difficult to enjoy the moment. Bachelorette parties should give the bride-to-be an opportunity to escape the stress of planning a wedding and provide a chance to enjoy her closest friends before the big day. It is important to come into a pole party with all stress behind you so you can step into a world of expression and freedom!

At Spice Pole Parties, we’re here to help you throw an unforgettable bachelorette party! Each pole party comes with a trained pole instructor, light snacks, and a special gift for the guest of honor. Our studio is over 1,600 feet with 8-14 foot poles and features party lights that not only set the mood, but will create the best Instagram worthy pictures possible. If you’re looking for a fabulous time with great vibes, get in touch with us today to book a pole party!