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5 Reasons You Should Try Spice Pole Parties
July 7, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Spice Pole Parties
Girls’ night out is always exciting, but Spice Pole Parties can raise it to the next level.

Girls’ night out is always exciting, but Spice Pole Parties can raise it to the next level. From sensual routines with a traditional pole to learning dance on the floor, Spice Pole Parties truly has something for everyone. Unsure? We’ll prove it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try Spice Pole Parties for your next all-girls outing.

Embrace Your Sexy Side

Spice Pole Parties encourage every attendee to embrace her sexy side. We all have reasons why we don’t always feel attractive, but regardless of your weight, body type, or perceived level of athleticism, pole parties will help you shed your insecurities and embrace your sexy potential. We believe every woman is beautiful, and our professional instructors dedicated to making you believe it, too! Even if you’re nervous when you arrive, by the time you leave your party, you’ll feel more attractive than ever.

Strengthen Your Body

You’ll need significant muscle strength and control to actually perform the dance routines you envision. By the time you leave your Spice Pole Party, you won’t only feel sexy—you’ll also feel like you’ve conquered a challenging workout. Alongside your newfound confidence, you’ll have stronger arms, a tightened core, and more to show for your efforts. Why settle for a run around the block or a visit to the gym when you could empower your body while feeling sexier than ever?

Bond With Your Friends

Fundamentally, Spice Pole Parties are a shared experience. It’s one thing to let go and feel beautiful all by yourself, but it’s even better to have that freeing experience alongside your most trusted girls, led by a trusted professional.

Spice Pole Parties feature flexible pricing for either a small group (4-6) or a larger one (7+), and you can choose between a 60- or 90-minute session depending on what your friends prefer. Step into body confidence and sexual empowerment together with your squad!

Celebrate An Occasion

Spice Pole Parties are perfect for celebrating a major occasion in your life. Did you reach a significant birthday? Are you throwing a bachelorette party? Whatever the cause, a Spice Pole Party is always unforgettable.

Customize Your Experience

There are countless ways to customize your party experience. First of all, a 60-minute party features a singular theme, while a 90-minute party incorporates two. Spice Pole Party themes include:

  • Pole: A standard pole party focuses on the pole (of course,) but also includes floor work and off-the-pole choreography.
  • Chair: The simple addition of a chair opens up many new sexy possibilities for pole, off-the-pole, and floor choreography.
  • Twerk: Exactly what it sounds like—shake what you’ve got on and off the pole.
  • Floor: If you want to learn a routine that could be performed anywhere, even without a pole, our sensual floor movements are ideal.
  • Lyra: Limited to 8 participants, this lyra hoop class teaches a beautiful aerial routine.

Located in Duluth, Georgia, we’re also right off highway 85, in close proximity to shopping and eateries. Even when your party concludes, you aren’t far from more exciting adventures.

Contact us today to book your Spice Pole Party today. Confidence, sexiness, and empowerment are waiting for you!