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Ideas for a Girls Night Out in Duluth, GA
September 23, 2020 at 4:00 AM
This is a photo of a girls night out in Duluth, GA.

Get your girls together! We’ve put together a guide for the perfect girls’ night out in Duluth, GA. Plan your evening and discover new activities to take you and your friends outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s a bachelorette or birthday party, there is a lot of fun to be had! In fact, you don’t even need a reason, because what could be better than spending the night laughing and enjoying yourself with your closest friends? So buckle up and get ready to explore the exciting things you can do on your girls’ night out.

1. Shopping

Retail therapy can be a really fun way to kick off your girls’ night. Trying on clothes together, finding cute accessories to match, and doing it all with your friends by your side is a great bonding experience. A mall is a great place to do this so everyone’s tastes can be catered to.

2. Concert, Performance or Sports Game

There’s nothing like a live show or performance to lift spirits. Whatever your taste is, there is something for both you and your friends in Duluth. From music performances of all genres (pop, classical, or rock) to hockey, tennis, or football games, a live event is a great way to bond on a girls’ night out. You could even do something really out of the box, like a magic show or dance competition. Check out local listings to find out what’s happening and make sure to get tickets ahead of time.

3. Pole Dancing Class

Done with your live event and still full of adrenaline? Channel that energy into a pole dancing class. Enjoy the comfort of a women’s only space and bring out your sensual side with the guidance of a pole dancing expert. These are perfect for bachelorette parties - there’s nothing better to celebrate a friend’s upcoming nuptials than a sexy pole dance party. If pole isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options like twerking, trap, or floowork classes. We even have lyra classes, which use hoops that are suspended from the ceiling to create a sensual dance routine. Feel weightless and sexy at the same time! Bring out your inner vixen and have fun along the way.

4. Drinks and Dinner

After your pole dancing class, you and your girls probably worked up an appetite. Start with drinks at a bar that suits your mood. Whether your taste is a chic, modern lounge with cocktails, or a hipster joint with craft beers, it can set the mood for the night. After drinks, you’ll need a bite to eat to keep your energy levels up. Choose a restaurant and savor the flavors of your food - after your dance workout, you deserve it! If you’re up to it, dancing can follow drinks and dinner. Show off what you learned at your pole dancing class on the regular dance floor!

A Little Bit About Spice Pole Parties

From beginners to experienced pole dancers, we strive to create an inclusive and fun environment for our guests. Our beautiful studio and experienced instructors will make you feel comfortable, sexy, and empowered! We love showing anyone who comes to our studio that pole dancing is an art form that can put you in touch with your sensual side.