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Plan a Unique Atlanta Bachelorette Party with Spice Pole
March 25, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Book a unique bachelorette party atlanta.

It’s an honor to be part of the sisterhood of single women. As exciting as it is to get married, the bachelorette party is essential to bid farewell to the camaraderie of single-life. While it’s a relief never to have to swipe right again, it’s also bittersweet to never have your own first-date horror stories to share in the group chat. There’s a lot of pressure as the bride or maid of honor to create the most-fun-ever night. But it’s easy to give your best friend a unique bachelorette party in Atlanta, and send her off to married life able to twerk better than ever.

When you book a Spice Pole Parties event, you’ll have memories of the bride’s last hurrah that’ll last a lifetime. We provide everything you need for a fun, energizing evening, with a flexible schedule you can incorporate into your party’s itinerary for the night or the weekend.

Pole dancing parties are more than just dancing, they’re learning movement and seduction.

Going out dancing is a typical bachelorette party idea because it’s what you and your friends did while you were all single. But even if you’re planning to hit up your favorite clubs later in the evening, pole parties are so much more than just dancing. We teach body-positive movement, encouraging participants to embrace their natural beauty and sexiness.

Our classes include both on-the-pole and floor routines, and twerk-centered movement. At the end of one of our 50 to 120-minute parties, you’ll feel empowered and confident besides learning spectacular hip rolls for the dance floor.

You get a workout while having fun.

Going to the gym sounds like the worst unique bachelorette party idea ever. But there’s no denying that moving your body and raising your heart rate releases a flood of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Not to mention if the rest of your bachelorette party focuses on eating and drinking, you’ll be ready to over-indulge following one of our twerk-heavy classes.

There’s a ritual that single girls take part in before going out that you, the bridesmaids, and the bride have all done since you were kids. Sometimes, getting dressed and doing your makeup is more fun than actually going out for the night. Start your evening in athleisure at a Spice Pole Parties event, and you can get ready for the rest of your evening together–just like you’ve done dozens of times and single ladies.

Start a new girls-night ritual with your best friends.

Your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be the end of girls’ night, crazy dance parties, and hanging out with friends. You don’t have to be celebrating a significant life event to book an event at Spice Pole Parties. When you fill out our online form, tell us you’re celebrating self-care, friendship, or just a night away from the kids. We’ll still throw you a memorable event, complete with a champagne toast, just for making time for yourself.

Our party hosts and instructors are pole dancing and movement experts, so the classes become more challenging as your skill increases. Our events are not only fun, they’re a full-body workout that will get your twerk skills Tik-Tok worthy.

Book a unique bachelorette party in Atlanta today at Spice Pole Parties.

Bachelorettes have more fun at Spice Pole Parties. We’re metro Atlanta’s go-to BYOB party location for unique bachelorettes, girls’ nights out, and more. Check out our range of party packages for groups of seven or more people. Discover a different way to celebrate the end of your singlehood at Spice Pole Parties.

You’ll learn pole dancing, lap dancing, and seductive off-the-pole movement, plus enjoy a free champagne toast and complimentary gift bag. Book your party with our easy online form today.