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Treat yourself this year with pole dancing classes in Duluth, GA
December 22, 2020 at 8:00 AM
Treat yourself this year with pole dancing classes in Duluth, GA

Looking to treat yourself with something different this year? Pole dancing parties in Duluth, GA, are the perfect way to have fun, let go, and even boost your fitness efforts. Here at Spice Pole Parties, we help women get in touch with their sensual side while having a blast. We’re sharing why our pole dancing classes and parties are the best way to treat yourself and your closest girlfriends:

Boost your body confidence

Many people struggle with insecurities about their body at some point in life. At Spice Pole Parties, we help women of all shapes and sizes to appreciate their body and develop the confidence they deserve.

During our classes, you’ll learn the art of pole dancing from your very own personal instructor while discovering what you love most about your body. Our participants always walk away with a newfound confidence for what their bodies can do, and an appreciation for what makes them unique.

Feel sexually empowered

Pole dancing is an erotic art form that allows you to tap into your most sensual side. If you’ve ever struggled with low sexual confidence, our pole dancing classes are one of the best ways to nurture your sensuality in a safe space.

You’ll love our “Taste of Spice” party package, which is one of our most popular pole dancing parties in Duluth, GA. This 90-minute pole party allows you to choose two styles of dance, from lap dancing to seductive, off-the-pole movement.

You and your group can let loose while you learn a sexy choreographed routine. Everyone deserves to feel sexy; our classes might be exactly what you need to push you out of your shell and feel sexually empowered.

Bond with your closest friends

Are you looking to celebrate a wedding on the horizon? Or maybe you just want to spend some time with your closest friends. In either case, our pole parties offer a unique bonding experience. As you dance through our choreographed routines, you and your girlfriends will be able to completely let loose in a judgment-free zone.

All of our pole dance party packages include a complimentary champagne toast and custom playlist to make your party feel totally personalized. The hostess or guest of honor will also receive a free gift bag full of spicy goodies.

Get fit while having fun

Pole dancing offers plenty of sexy fun, but let’s be real — it’s hard work, too! You and your group will get to work out many parts of the body, including your shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and core. We also offer a pole and twerk routine that will get you sweating within minutes.

What better way to stay fit? Sculpt your body, have fun, and learn some of our sexiest pole dancing moves with your group of friends.

Pole dancing in Duluth, GA: book a party today!

Spice Pole Parties is a top choice for pole dance classes and parties in the Duluth area. We offer affordable party packages, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you just want to treat yourself and your girlfriends to a fun time.

Grab your friends and book a pole dance party today.